Suds n' Mud Party Favors, custom made


A scent is known to inspire memories and almost instantaneously. The olfactory system has the ability to access the part of our brain that processes emotions and feelings and creates a link between the two.
Custom made, these party-favor size bars are the perfect addition for a wedding, a birthday party or any event that should be remembered.
You will create an atmosphere that will never be forgotten.

. Customized and Personalized
∙ Made with your favorite selected scent.
∙ 1 oz.
∙ 10 piece pack
∙ Lightly scented so it won't overpower your senses or room environment.
∙ Shea Butter base

*These bars need to be ordered six weeks in advance due to the curing time that the soap-making process requires. Additional information is needed after placing order.

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